The team inbox makes it easy to delegate communication.

You don't have to blast all your volunteers, get smarter
Timecounts makes it easy to send messages to exactly the right volunteers with powerful communication tools.
More messaging features

Saved Templates

Create canned responses and insert saved text easily.

Admin Notifications

Get an email when a volunteer signs up or cancels.

Team Inbox

Delegate answering responses to other leaders in your organization.

Dashboard Tasks

You'll always know how to prioritize your to do actions.

Start communicating with Timecounts
Make sure volunteers won't miss a shift ever again
Timecounts sends automated confirmation and reminder emails to volunteers.

"Contacting all of my Christmas volunteers at one time through the communication tool allowed me to fill my last minute scheduling gaps in less than an hour every time. I wouldn’t have survived the Christmas season without Timecounts."

Becky Clement
Development & Volunteer Coordinator
Greenville, South carolina
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