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At Timecounts, we believe in empowering leaders of volunteers.

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Made by organizers for organizers.
Amanda Rose founded Timecounts in 2012 after building global fundraising campaigns for Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Day and Twestival. Working with thousands of volunteers locally and globally, she knew there had to be a better way than spreadsheets and hacked together solutions.

Our mission is to demystify volunteer coordination

Timecounts started with two questions: How can we make organizing tools more accessible? And how can we give volunteers around the world an easy way to get involved with their time to a good cause? We think the best place to improve volunteer recruitment, happiness, and expand opportunities is by giving people a way to organize with less legwork, so they can devote more energy to doing good.

Timecounts is the easiest solution on the market


Faster set up time

Most volunteer management systems can take weeks to get setup. With Timecounts, there's no training required and you'll be able to start recruiting in minutes.


Improved recruitment

Timecounts customers on average experience an increase in volunteer recruitment in the first year.



Majority of customers recommend Timecounts as the best system to use.

Recruit, manage, and mobilize volunteers with an all-in-one solution
Timecounts is a dedicated volunteer management platform for organizations of all sizes. Even if you've never coordinated volunteers before you'll find the transition very smooth.

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