Recruit and Onboard

Applicant tracking doesn't have to be a chore.

Can you imagine applications that just update themselves? We can.
Timecounts has a built-in, drag and drop form builder that lets you create applications in no time. Our smart fields mean volunteers will have a quicker signup experience and database fields get updated instantly.
More applicant tracking features

Background Checks

Keep track of background checks.

Track Skills

Keep track of validated and unvalidated skills.

Customize Applications

Create forms that work for you.

Import Contacts

Transform spreadsheets into a directory instantly.

Start recruiting with Timecounts
Keep track of waivers, background checks, training, and set reminders
Use the Checklist to monitor the status of volunteers and applicants. Completely flexible, build a list that works for your organization.

"Not only is this a great product, easy to implement, and simple for volunteers to use, but I also love Timecounts' commitment to continuous improvement and their highly responsive customer support."

Aleksandra Vasic
Manager, Volunteer Services and Special Projects
TOronto, Canada
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